Custom Fitting

A full analysis of your current equipment initially looking at how your clubs are made up by analysing aspects such as club head design, shaft length, static loft, lie angle and shaft flex. This helps identify the cause of any performance related issues, highlights any inconsistencies throughout the bag and what your clubs are likely to promote in their static state. We also discuss other contributing factors such as injury or physical limitations and how your clubs may be affecting performance in this respect.

This is followed by capturing dynamic data using The GC2 HMT Launch Monitor with your existing irons, woods and hybrids to confirm any areas where there may be performance deficiencies.

Utilising interchangeable head and shaft technology, this allows you to test any of the current head models with any shaft combination which will highlight the ideal loft and shaft type. By discussing your preferences on aesthetics and feel, we are then able to select head models that will fine tune your ball flight.

Our aim is to ensure that every area of your bag performs consistently to provide you with the ability to feel confident on the course in the knowledge that not only is there nothing more suited to your game but your equipment will not let you down when it matters.


The Problem

Using equipment that is not correctly fitted for your swing caracteristics will have a detrimental effect on your golf performance and enjoyment

The Solution

Book in for a custom fitting session and compare the data from hitting shots with your current clubs to hitting equipment that is perfectly suited to you. Using GC2 HMT we can see how using the correct equipment will have an effect on carry distance, strike location, ball flight and dispersion


Take control of your game


Increase Driver distance

The number of strokes you could save per round with a full set regrip

Confidence & Peace of mind

Interested in booking in for a custom fitting session?