All the top players in the world have a great short game, solid approach play and they hole more than their fair share of putts. But what is their greatest advantage over the average player?

Just imagine how much easier the game would become if you could split the fairway with long straight drives every time!

Now I’m not saying that everyone can hit the ball 300 yards but what I do believe is anyone can increase their distance from the tee! The longer the tee shot: the shorter the approach and ultimately the closer you can get the ball to the hole! Simply longer driving makes the game easier.

The key to maximising your distance is to become more efficient with the way you swing the club and the first aspect of increasing distance has to be club head speed. Now don’t panic, it could be a simple change such as making a better shoulder turn, widening your stance or releasing the club correctly. I’m not recommending 6 months in the gym lifting heavy weights but consider this: an increase of 1mph of club head speed has the potential to gain 2.5 yards! Now 2.5 yards doesn’t sound like much but imagine you could find an extra 10mph, that’s potentially 25 extra yards!

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well there is a little more to it than that as we also have to create good launch conditions. We need to match our club head speed, with launch angle and spin rate. Although that may sound complicated this can easily be achieved with a few lessons from your PGA professional who will ensure your stance and posture is correct and that you are using the right driver with suitable loft and the correct shaft to match your swing, this will play a huge part in maximising your distance.

The best drivers in the world have a shallow angle of attack, they produce a high launch angle with a spin rate between 2000-3000rpm. This results in long straight drives that places them in perfect position to attack the golf course. The majority of amateur players struggle to achieve the most with the driver because their angle of attack is too steep, the launch angle is not high enough and too much spin is created.

So what can you do to change your angle of attack?

28192The key to driving the ball well is in the set up. A great start is to tilt your spine to the right at address (for right handed players) with the correct ball position, this will promote more of an upward hit and as mentioned previously a shallow angle of attack is crucial in order to generate the optimum launch conditions. Once you maximise your distance with the correct launch conditions then you can start creating more speed, this will be the fun part! Imagine no more holding back, no more trying to steer or guide tee shots into the fairway but swinging with the same freedom as the best players in the world.

Ready to gain extra yards?