Most golf lessons are delivered on the practice ground, driving range or an indoor studio with high speed video and computer analysis that can break down the swing from every angle. These methods are great and can certainly help with your game but most of us have experienced great sessions on the driving range only to see our game unravel on the golf course in competition. So what’s the answer?

I was lucky to get down to a scratch handicap by the age on 18 with very little instruction but once I decided I wanted to turn professional I knew I would need to develop my game if I wanted to compete. I started to work with the same coach over a period of about 10 years. With mixed results over the years and almost all of the lessons being taken on the driving range or in an indoor room looking at video footage of my swing, I got to a point where my swing would look great on camera but I was still not happy with my ball striking and although my short game would usually save my score, I felt there was something missing. It was only when I took my first playing lesson that my coach could finally see what was happening to my game on the course, which surprised us both. Looking back at this time I think my coach and I both realised that we may have wasted years working on the wrong things but since that day, I have changed the way I work on my game and have since become a much more consistent ball striker and better all round player.

pro playing lesson 1So what lessons can you learn from my mistakes? Sometimes during a lesson I ask my clients about their game; what they feel they do well, what they feel they need help with and often what I see them do on the range and what they tell me does not match up. Regularly, what the player feels and what they actually do on the course are totally different. So what’s the answer? To accurately assess a players game I need to see them in a real situation, such as a 9 hole playing lesson. This shows me exactly what the players’ strengths and weaknesses are and so we can set about creating a performance programme to suit the individual. This measured approach is by far the most effective way of improving a players performance.02574c1a63f1662856972a0dbc16ed62

The generic golf lesson may not be the best way to improve your performance so maybe its time to try another way! To book a 90 minute playing lesson please click on the link Playing Lesson