imageThe idea of pre season training is common with athletes and professional sports teams but what about the average golfer? A well designed pre season training programme that fits in with your work/family schedule could be an excellent way of preparing for the start of the golf season. Splitting your time between working on your game, getting your mental game sharp and making sure your body is ready to play golf could be the difference between another average year and the best golf of your life.

The programme does not have to be complicated but a structured plan that includes time at the driving range, learning new mental skills or even a simple flexibility programme could be the keys to success.

Rather than just hitting 100 balls aimlessly on the driving range, divide your time with working on wedge distance control, trying to shape the ball or using your imagination and playing full holes on the range. These are all great ways to make your practice sessions more realistic. How many times do you hit the same club on consecutive shots on the course? This should be the same at the driving range, always hit different clubs to different targets. This varied approach keeps you focussed and recreates what you will actually face on the course.

A little work on the mental side of your game could potentially make the biggest difference to your scores. Spend 10 minutes 3 times a week learning new skills on how to manage your emotions on the golf course. There is a lot of great information available online, search for people like Dr Bob Rotella and you will be able to find plenty of great material. I am a qualified Mind Performance Coach and I would be happy to help anyone who needs help with the mental side of the game for more information then please visit the golf lessons page. Golf Lessons

The idea of working on our bodies will automatically put a lot of people off. I am not talking about gruelling sessions and endless hours in the gym, however, 20 minutes mobility work 3 times per week could get your body in to great shape for golf. Yoga, pilates or just a gentle stretching routine can only help.

I started my own golf fitness programme at the start of the year with the aim to prepare for several PGA North region tournaments and this years Open Qualifying. My training programme has been designed to increase my power output and includes strength training, sprinting and anti spasm exercises. I have been working with a Specialist Biomechanics Coach who has been a massive help and in early April we will be uploading some great video to show the things we have been working on and what you can do to help your own game.

Lets keep are fingers crossed for some dry weather so we can all get back out on the course!