The summer of 2015 is officially over! But every cloud has a silver lining!
This is the perfect time to reflect on your game.
Ask yourself
• Did you lower your handicap?
• Win that board comp you’ve always wanted?

Or like most of us did the season leave you disappointed?! Ask yourself these simple questions.
• What did I do well this year?
• What did i struggle with?
• What do I need to do to improve?
Whatever is holding you back whether it’s your driving, pitching or course management now is the time to start turning those weaknesses into strengths.

The disappointing thing for me personally this year has been an injury that has prevented me from competing. Just before my arrival at Whitefield I suffered a serious back injury as the result of a car accident. MRI results show two bulging discs and a condition called spinal stenosis which causes the nerves in my back to become impinged causing sharp nerve pain in my back, hips and leg. I’m currently on the waiting list for surgery but after watching what has happened to Tiger Woods over the last 18 months it has certainly made me think twice about the procedure. Which brings me to the question – What do I need to improve?

Well the first thing I need to improve is my body. I am going to commit to a golf specific training programme over the next 16 weeks which will help get my body stronger and more stable. I will then return to the golf course early February to prepare for some PGA North Region tournaments.

What are your goals for 2016? How are you going to achieve them?